Summer Light

The Razorback and Mount Feathertop, Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia

Meandering its way from Mt Hotham all the way to Mt Feathertop, the Razorback is a walking track that runs along this often sharp, treeless ridgeline of the Australian Alps. In both summer and winter (when it is covered in snow), it is a beautiful way to access Mount Feathertop and experience expansive 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains for the majority of the hike.

On this summer evening, having walked out along the Razorback, the last light of the day lit up a small section of the ridge in front of me. I captured this photo before the sun set and I watched the the last remaining glow highlighting the mountain ranges in the distance. Eventually heading back along the track in dark, and feeling a real sense of remoteness, I reflected on what was a great way to end the day in the Victorian high country.