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Born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Scott Leggo has long had a passion for the outdoors and a keen spirit of adventure. As a photographer he combines these passions to capture unique images of the Australian landscape. Driven by a love of travel and a desire to never stop exploring, his photographs depict outdoor locations in stunning light, conveying strong emotional connections to his worldwide audiences. He travels extensively, seeking to immerse himself in the environment he photographs – regularly enduring mother nature’s worst weather to capture the true heart and soul of a location. Often camped out for multiple nights in the backcountry in the depths of winter snow, Scott is known for his commitment, patience and single-minded pursuit of images that convey the magic and energy of the outdoor locations he photographs. The end result is expressive photographs that capture the beauty of the Australian landscape like few others.



Scott is recognised as one of Australia’s leading landscape photographers. He is the recipient of over 100 international and Australian awards including Landscape Photographer of the Year and Professional Photographer of the Year. Scott’s pre-eminent photographic skills have been recognised by his peers, including being awarded the title of Master of Photography by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. His artworks are sought after by individuals, businesses and collectors alike, with clients including Australia’s leading companies and Government departments. Scott’s photographic prints are the face of Australia in numerous overseas locations, and feature in many hotels, medical practices, company boardrooms and offices. His works grace the walls of homes across Australia and abroad, showcasing the beauty of Australia to an ever growing audience.


Beyond photography, Scott’s background is as diverse as his photographs of the Australian landscape. Scott has worked as a management consultant with some of the world’s top management consulting firms. He has been a trusted business advisor to senior executives in government and the private sector in Australia and internationally, providing advice on international relations and strategy development. He is a former Australian diplomat and Air Force Officer who has seen wartime service. He has flown high performance aerobatic aircaft and flown in frontline fighter aircraft. He brings the discipline, attention to detail, meticulous planning, and overseas experience gained during these previous careers to his photography.


As a result of his travels and life experiences, Scott is an advocate for optimising performance in all aspects of life and contributing to a more sustainable world as individuals and as businesses. Scott is an active participant in the business sector and where possible, uses his business to help others in the community including support for numeorus charitable causes.

Scott operates his business and gallery in Canberra, Australia’s national capital, with a team of helpful staff, alongside his wife and two children.