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Artwork hanging guide

D-Ring hanging system

Our large framed prints and acrylic wall mounts come with two D-Rings securely attached to the back of your artwork.

IMPORTANT - Never string a wire between the two D-rings. If you do this with a wire on large artwork, over time, it could break the D-rings and separate the corner joints of your frame. Always use caution when hanging heavy frames. We recommend having separate hanging points; each D-ring should hook onto a picture hanger and/or anchor that is secured into a mounted surface.

Hanging Hooks

Make sure to use the correct hanging hooks for the right surface and weight of your artwork. The type of hanging hardware to display your Scott Leggo wall art depends on the type of wall the photograph will be displayed (ie. a brick wall will require different hangers from a drywall finish). Please consult with a professional when choosing the types of hanging equipment.

Be sure to use hanging hooks with the proper rated weight for the size of artwork.

Hanging Height

Artwork is best viewed at eye level. To get the right height for our frames on your wall, we recommend hanging the middle of the print at approximately eye height. We suggest a good height to achieve this is 160cm.

An easy way to achieve this is to measure from the floor 160cm to the centre of the artwork. The hanging system on the back of the print sits higher than that, so you need to measure from the centre of the artwork to the top of the D ring to get the height from the floor to that D ring.

Helpful tips

  • Measure the width between the top of the two D-Rings. This will give you the exact distance of two hanging points.
  • We recommend measuring twice and using a level to ensure the locations are accurate before you commit to making and holes in your wall.
  • It’s best for two people to hang your artwork to the wall.
  • Always use caution when hanging heavy frames.


Hanging should be carried out by an experienced professional, and as such, these guidelines are provided for information only. Scott Leggo is not responsible for personal injury and/or property damage notwithstanding your proper adherance to these guidelines.


If you have further questions, consult your local hardware store, professional art installer or contact us.