Simpsons Gap, West MacDonnell National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Having arrived at the gorge well before sunrise on this morning, I kept being drawn back to this big old gum tree sitting in the middle of the creek. Framed beautifully by the imposing cliffs on either side, it stands in the middle of the creek as a testament to the survival of life in the harsh outback conditions of central Australia. Creeks like this are dry for months on end. While I was photographing, a Black-footed Rock-wallaby watched from the rocky slope on the right, adding to the truly outback Australian feel of this location. It's times like this, getting to share small moments with wildlife without other tourists around that make experiencing places in the early hours of the morning so worthwhile.

Simpsons Gap is a stunning gorge carved out of the West MacDonnell Ranges and one of a number of scenic gaps that pierce the West MacDonnell Ranges in central Australia. It is also home to one of the more popular waterholes in the area.