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Sharing the beauty of the Australian landscape is at the heart of everything we do. This purpose is driven by award winning Australian landscape photographer Scott Leggo. Scott has a passion for the outdoors and a keen spirit of adventure. Naturally, our business reflects these attributes.

For nearly twenty years, we have been supplying Scott's landscape photographs of Australia as premium quality artworks to customers both in Australia and internationally. From wall art to greeting cards, all our products are produced to the highest possible standard, and all our artworks are made in Australia. Our values of respect, integrity, excellence and teamwork, guide us each day.


The Scott Leggo business was born out of Scott's passion for the outdoors and desire to never stop exploring.

Beginning in 2006, Scott established a side hustle in landscape photography as "an awesome excuse to travel" and a means to restore a better work life balance. It quickly grew as people resonated with his work and started buying his prints. From the outset, Scott insisted on having all his artworks made in Australia - something which continues to this day.

For a while Scott relentlessly pursued growing the business while also maintaining a full time career.

Scott's wife Phillipa joined the business in 2016 and since then has been an integral part of the team. The team continues to grow, attracting people who love the outdoors and are equally commited to sharing the beauty of Australia.

In 2018 the first Scott Leggo Gallery was opened in Canberra, Australia's capital. In 2023 a new gallery was opened and is a popular Canberra tourist destination.

As the business continues to grow and serve a growing customer base, there is one certainty: Scott Leggo will maintain an unwavering commitment to outdoor exploration to bring you the best photographs possible of the Australian landscape.

Scott retains full ownership of the business, meaning we are a veteran owned family business. Every purchase directly supports our small business and the Australian economy.


Australia truly is like nowhere else on Earth, and we are commited to sharing the beauty of this unique landscape.

The land down under is a vast island continent, characterised by an ancient and dramatically diverse landscape. It is a land shaped by extremes of time and weather. Past and present unite, where unique plants, animals and stunning landforms combine to create an ecosystem of incredible beauty.

An often remote and rugged environment, Australia is a land of stunning colours. Rich reds of hot outback deserts; dark blue overcast skies over snow-capped mountains; weathered greys of gum trees among the massive Australian bush; whites of fast-flowing majestic waterfalls; lush greens of tropical rainforests; azure waters of an expansive coastline and yellow sands of alluring beaches.

Scott Leggo's photos capture Australia at its stunning best. Often camped out for multiple nights in the harshest of conditions, Scott is on a journey to capture both the better and lesser known beauty of this magnificent country.