Artwork as a gift - gift giving guide

At some point, we all get stuck when it comes to good gift giving ideas. Whether it’s a wedding, house warming or a just-because moment, a personal milestone or a staff farewell, one of your considerations should include wall art. Wall art can be the perfect gift for any occasion or simply a great way to say thank you.

Have you ever seen wall art, and thought, wow, that would be awesome for a friend or loved one? Or maybe you've seen a photographic print and immediately thought of an individual that it would resonate with or would looking amazing in their home. It's quite a compliment that you thought enough of a person that you ventured into art buying territory. It’s personal and worth the effort. But for many the thought of giving wall art as a gift can seem particularly challenging. But it doesn't need to be daunting - you can make it a highly original, thoughtful and fun thing to give. It adds a personal touch and is easier than you think.

So whether you wish to add to a loved one's art collection, or maybe start one for your friend, keep in mind a few helpful tips to help you choose wall art as a personal, unique and very thoughtful gift:

Buy for their taste, not yours. It's always surprising when one doesn't give a certain gift, even when they know that the person would love it! Wedding registries are full of random gifts that you might not like or want to give, but the bride and groom will love. Always remember who you are buying for and their tastes.

Try to think about how much space your friend has in their home. What are the colours in their living space or bedroom? Do they tend to go for more antique furniture, contemporary/modern or perhaps Scandi and neutrals? It is helpful to take note of their home. For example, if they have a blue wall in their bedroom, then you're probably safe with art that has cool tones (or has blue in it).

Equally, the gift doesn't need to have a theme at all. If it's a wedding gift you are looking for, and you are thinking it should have a 'love' theme, again you will be limited. Consider a beautiful snow covered mountain or something that appeals to the couple, their interests and planned future together. This should give you quite a few options.


Wall Art as a gift - featuring Snow Solitude

'Snow Solitude' The perfect wall art gift for snow lovers

Trust your gut. Often you will always come back to the first option you were considering. Don't fight it but do spend some time considering different pieces, then you know, you will be satisfied that your first choice was right.

Consider an unframed print. You don't always have to present framed wall art. Giving an unframed print is a great option and perfectly acceptable. It shows a significant amount of thought and leaves the happy recipient to be creative and have it framed how they wish.

If you still can't decide consider a gift certificate. If you ultimately get stuck, it is always a lovely gesture to let your friend/loved one choose their very own piece. You could even select it together. Look for a gift voucher that will include all the costs - including delivery (All Scott Leggo wall art includes free delivery within Australia, so our gift vouchers doesn’t come with any hidden fees or charges for the recipient).

If you follow the above tips, you are in a great place to select the perfect wall art as a gift. It will be something that makes them say ‘WOW’ when they open it and think of you when they walk past it for many years to come.