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Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges, South Australia, Australia

The awe inspiring Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges is arguably one of the most impressive rock formations in Australia. Yet for me, equally impressive is the variety one finds in the surrounding landscapes. One of those areas that caught my eye on this occasion was this area of sand dunes, with Wilpena Pound in the background. It had rained the day before, with the remaining moisture appearing to concentrate the red colours in the sand. I knew this red would come alive if it was a good sunset so I set about finding the best spot to photograph from. However in doing so, I discovered the area littered with fresh snake tracks and nearby snake nest sites. Normally I'm quite relaxed when out shooting, but on this occasion I was somewhat more alert than usual as I attempted to find an area devoid of recent snake activity. I eventually settled on this spot and waited for sunset. As the sun began to set, the late light highlighted the red colours just as I had hoped. With the image captured I then carefully made my way out of the sand dunes. I hope you find this image more relaxing than I did capturing it!


2012 | Bronze award - Epson International Pano Awards

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