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Wallace Hut, Bogong High Plains, Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia

On this summer day it had been snowing on the Victorian alps, a stark reminder of the varied conditions one experiences in these parts of Australia - even in summer. Only 10-15 minutes before this shot, the ground in front was white with snow and at the time of this shot it was still snowing behind me a bit further back. So with the light coming through that stormy weather, I had beautiful, even lighting despite the clear mid afternoon sky above me. With the hut framed by the surrounding snow gums and summer wildflowers on the ground beneath me, it all came together as I took this photograph that truly captures summer in the High Country.

Wallace Hut sits in the Victorian High Country surrounded by stunning snow gums and clear alpine air. Handmade in 1889 from snow gum slabs and roofed with woollybut shingles, Wallace Hut has survived the extremes of the Victorian High Country. Brothers Arthur, William, and Stewart Wallace built the hut with simple tools and timber found nearby. The Wallace family grazed their cattle on the Bogong High Plains between 1869 and 1914. Each year they would drive the stock up for four days to reach the summer feed. The hut provided welcome shelter for the graziers after a long day in the saddle. It has continued to offer refuge from the elements and remains an iconic testament to the early pioneering days in Australia's alpine regions.

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