Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia 

The view from the top of Mount Ainslie is always great, but especially when you get a nice sunrise that lights up the Brindabellas in the distance.

The lookout that offers this view is named after Marion Mahony Griffin, the wife of Walter Burley Griffin, whose design was selected as the winning entry for Australia's new capital. Marion Griffin created illustrations as if she was at this location to illustrate Walter Burley Griffin's "City like no other" in their contribution to the competition for the Australian Capital City design. 

On the plan Griffin wrote “I have planned a city that is not like any other in the world. I have planned it not in a way that I expected any government authorities in the world would accept. I have planned an ideal city – a city that meets my ideal of the city of the future.” Looking across Canberra from Mount Ainslie you can see how his vision was brought to life and reflects Marion's drawings of this view before it was built.

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