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Snowy River Headwaters, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales, Australia

On this backcountry trip I was camped out for four days near Australia's highest mainland peak, Mount Kosciuszko. I was seeking to capture the true essence of the Snowy River in winter, the headwaters above the man made influence on the river downstream. With fog obscuring this view in the days prior, on this afternoon I patiently waited as the fog ebbed and flowed before sunset cast a beautiful display of pastel colours across the scene before me. There is something special about being backcountry and totally alone on the slopes of the country's highest peak with a scene like this before you. A true feeling of witnessing the largely unspoiled essence of the Snowy River.

The Snowy River was once a major river in south east Australia before its flows were severely reduced to less than one percent after the construction of dams and diversions in its headwaters as part of the huge Snowy Hydro scheme. However, amongst the higher alpine catchment areas the river's course and surroundings remain relatively unchanged, draining the eastern slopes of the highest peaks in the Snowy Mountains. Capturing mood and emotion are what I regularly seek to do in my images, but it's often a challenge. 


2012 | Silver award - International Loupe Awards

2013 | Silver Award - NSW/ACT Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Professional Photography Awards

2013 | Silver with Distinction Award - Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA)

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