BEFORE THE STORM - Acrylic Desk Block

The Razorback and Mount Feathertop, Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia

Before sunrise, it was below zero with a minus 14 degrees wind chill and an approaching storm. I lay on the ground, huddled around my tripod to protect my camera from the buffeting winds with the spectacular Mount Feathertop in the background. This is how I started the day - watching an incredible sky show as clouds rolled over the Victorian Alps. Later that morning a large snow storm arrived and dumped nearly a metre of snow over the next few days. Such great conditions to capture the true essence of the Australian Alps in winter.

Acrylic desk block size: 36cm x 18cm (3cm deep) 


Acrylic desk blocks give the photo a three dimensional look and make excellent gifts. They are perfect for desks, bookshelves, and mantelpieces.

Each photo is printed on professional grade metallic photographic paper, using archival inks. It is then mounted on the back of an acrylic (plexiglass) block. It is finished with diamond polishing, buffing and a final hand polish. 

Since they are free-standing, no hanging system is required.


All Scott's acrylic desk blocks are delivered Australia wide free of charge. Postage rates apply for international delivery.


We hold a range of stock in the gallery. Your acrylic desk block will be dispatched within 2 business days if it is in stock. If not, it will be made to order and dispatched within approximately two weeks.