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TAIPAN - Acrylic Desk Block

MRH-90 'Taipan', Australian Army

I photographed this helicopter at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon. I often feel aviation photographs look their best in black and white, and processed this image accordingly to highlight the shape and lines of this impressive helicopter.

The MRH-90 'Taipan' operated by the Australian Army is one of the most advanced troop transport helicopters in military service today, boasting many of the latest technologies. The MRH90 is a fly-by-wire, all-composite construction, troop-lift helicopter. With a large cabin, a rear ramp, weather radar and forward-looking infra-red, the MRH-90 can transport greater loads and carry more troops in adverse conditions compared to the Blackhawk helicopter it is replacing in Australian service. Being a true multi-role helicopter, the MRH-90 can undertake troop transport, search and rescue, special operations and counter-terrorism missions. It is capable of carrying 18 fully equipped troops at speeds up to 300km/h and as a true multi-role helicopter it is designed for operations by night, day and in poor weather.

Acrylic desk block size: 18cm x 14.4cm (3cm deep)