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SACRED WATERHOLE - Acrylic Desk Block

Ellery Creek Big Hole, West MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory, Australia 

My wife and I were camped at Ellery Creek with no one else around. Rising well before sunrise, I was able to enjoy the early morning serenity alone by the waterhole. As dawn approached and the stars retreated, the high red cliffs lit up, reflected in the waters beneath. In moments like this, I feel deeply connected to my surroundings and it is when I truly enjoy being able to capture photos like this of the Australian landscape to share with others. I remained at this waterhole after sunrise, contemplating this truly spectacular location.

It is easy to see how this large waterhole and the sandy creek fringed by gums make this one of the most popular and picturesque spots in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Thousands of years of massive floods have carved out this beautiful waterhole and gorge, revealing amazing geology. Much more than just a popular place for locals to take a refreshing dip, Ellery Creek Big Hole is recognised as an internationally significant geological site. It is also a sacred site for the Central and Western Arrernte people with its permanent water making it a special meeting place.

Acrylic desk block size: 36cm x 18cm (3cm deep) 

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