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OUTBACK SOLITUDE - Acrylic Desk Block

Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Given the popularity of Kings Canyon with tourists and the crowds enjoying the rim walk around the top of the canyon it can be difficult to fully appreciate its beauty. I feel a greater connection in the quiet solitude away from the tourists, preferring to experience a more private audience with an ancient land on my own terms. On this occasion, having taken my time enjoying the rim walk earlier in the day, I walked up high above the canyon and waited for the last of the tourists to depart from the carpark below. Standing alone as the sun set over the canyon, the colours were ever changing. I had the opportunity to soak in the peace and reflect on the truly ancient landscape that is outback Australia. Being in the middle of a vast spectacular landscape, alone, without other distractions, it was easy to feel connected to the landscape around me. Then, well after the sun had set, the afterglow created a stunning red glow on the rocks around me. I knew this was the time to capture a photograph to convey the natural beauty of this place. I hope through this photograph you can experience the solitude of the outback that I did while taking this photo.

The enchanting Kings Canyon is one of Australia’s natural treasures. It is a place where the unspoiled bush and red rock canyons in the heart of the Watarrka National Park create an unforgettable outback experience. Formed around the beautiful gum tree lined Kings Creek, Kings Canyon is truly a majestic destination featuring high sandstone walls, spectacular rock formations and views that stretch across the desert. The popular rim walk allows you to marvel at the magnificent views of the canyon rim, the weathered domes of ‘The Lost City’ and the green oasis of the ‘Garden of Eden’. 

Acrylic desk block size: 36cm x 18cm (3cm deep)


Our acrylic desk blocks give the photo a three dimensional look. They are perfect for desks, bookshelves, mantlepieces, bed side tables - any horizontal surface.

The photo is printed on professional grade metallic photographic paper, using archival inks. It is then mounted on the back of an acrylic (plexiglass) block. It is finished with diamond polishing, buffing and final hand polish.

They are free standing, so no hanging system is required. These are a very popular option for gifts, farewell presents or if you need a small lightweight option to travel with. Acrylic desk blocks come in a box ready to gift.