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MOUNTAIN WARRIOR - Acrylic Desk Block

Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales, Australia

The snow gums located at the heights of the Australian alps are tough, resilient and stunningly beautiful trees. The snow gum, which is native to Australia, is perfectly adapted to its environment and can survive both extremely cold and hot temperatures. It is a true warrior of the mountains. These particular trees, which I found while on a multi night camping trip around Kosciuszko National Park, are a fine example. The have endured the harsh depths of winter and hot Australian summers high in the Australian alps. After morning showers, with the bark wet, the colours of these snow gums in their trunks and branches stood out against the surrounding landscape, standing strong as a testament to their survival against the harsh elements they endure.

Acrylic desk block size: 50cm x 18cm (3cm deep)