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FOUR MILE SUNRISE - Acrylic Desk Block

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

Four Mile Beach is the premier beach of Port Douglas. The sandy beach begins at the northern rocky headland and then unfolds in a gentle curve that continues without any hint of development. The accommodation and houses of Port Douglas are neatly hidden behind the swaying palms. On this spring morning I was looking to capture the very essence of four mile beach. With the early rays of sun hitting the palms and the crest of an incoming wave, this shot evokes many of the feelings that make Port Douglas such a popular location for locals and tourists alike.

Acrylic desk block size: 50cm x 18cm (3cm deep)


Our acrylic desk blocks give the photo a three dimensional look. They are perfect for desks, bookshelves, mantlepieces, bed side tables - any horizontal surface.

The photo is printed on professional grade metallic photographic paper, using archival inks. It is then mounted on the back of an acrylic (plexiglass) block. It is finished with diamond polishing, buffing and final hand polish.

They are free standing, so no hanging system is required. These are a very popular option for gifts, farewell presents or if you need a small lightweight option to travel with. Acrylic desk blocks come in a box ready to gift.