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CATTLEMAN'S REST - Acrylic Desk Block

Wallace Hut, Bogong High Plains, Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia

I was camped at Wallace Hut for a few nights and on this afternoon it had been raining on and off. With the weather ever changing, I began to appreciate why so many cattleman's huts were built in this area. Eventually the rain cleared, but the grey and dark clouds persisted, softly illuminating the area around the hut. For me, this scene captures some of the mystique of the iconic Wallace hut, sitting nestled in amongst the surrounding snow gums.

Wallace Hut is one of 106 huts scattered across the Alpine National Park. Many of these huts were burnt in the 2003 bush fires but fortunately Wallace Hut survived. Wallace Hut is the oldest hut in the park. It was built by the three Wallace brothers - Arthur, William and Stewart - in 1889 from slabs of snowgum. They arrived as small boys in Melbourne from Ireland in 1869 with their parents. It now serves as a refuge and slice of human history nestled in the wild Victorian high country.

Acrylic desk block size: 50cm x 18cm (3cm deep)