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ANCIENT WALL - Acrylic Desk Block

Great Wall of China, Beijing, People's Republic of China

I had been alone on this section of the wall all afternoon (perhaps the minus ten degrees celsius temperatures in the middle of winter were a factor!). This solitude enabled me to explore this section of the wall at my own pace, marvelling at the construction achievement and the steep ridge lines over which the wall was built. I wanted to capture both the steepness of these sections and the relatively preserved sections, settling on this composition late in the day as the sun set behind me.

Clinging to the hillside on either side of a reservoir, Huanghua is a classic and well preserved example of the Great Wall of China. This section of the Great Wall, built during the Ming Dynasty, is a fine example of Ming defences with high and wide ramparts, intact parapets and sturdy beacon towers. Incomplete restoration work on the wall has left its crumbling nobility and striking authenticity largely intact, with the ramparts occasionally dissolving into rubble.

Acrylic desk block size: 50cm x 18cm (3cm deep)

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