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Commercial Photography Services

Commercial photography services by Scott Leggo

Photographing in the outdoors is Scott’s passion. Whether it’s shooting in minus 40 degrees in northern China, photographing pristine Tasmanian wilderness from the air, capturing the headwaters of Australia’s largest rivers at the height of the Australian alps, or flying in a hot air balloon over the national capital, Scott is a photographer who’s likely to have photographed it.

Commercial outdoor photography 

Based in Canberra, Australia and available for commission Australia wide, Scott Leggo provides commercial photography services across a variety of outdoor, wilderness and tourism commercial projects. His clients include leading Australian corporates and large Government departments. The photographs Scott captures are used for marketing or advertising campaigns, including company brochures, print advertising, product brochures, corporate websites, project case studies and annual reports.

Scott’s multi award winning formula ensures high impact professional photographs to promote your brand. Scott understands that the right photography is an important aspect of any marketing and advertising effort. Scott's clients consistently rate his professionalism, creative talent and attention to detail in meeting their commercial photography needs for outdoor photographic assignments.

Scott is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and was awarded the title of Master of Photography in 2012.  Over the last decade Scott has built a reputation for capturing outstanding commercial photography and has been rewarded by the industry with over 100 Australian & International awards including the ACT professional photographer of the year and landscape photographer of the year.

Stock Photos

Scott Leggo sells his photographs as artworks – they are best viewed in your home or workplace, taking pride of place, making a statement and sharing the outdoors with others. 

We do not generally sell his photos for commercial purposes. But, if you have a campaign or publication that resonates with Scott, we will consider it on a case by case basis. Contact us for details on licensing a Scott Leggo photo. Prices are based on how you intend to use the photo, size, usage etc. 

Scott's major clients have included The Australian Government, Airlines, large Australian corporates, tourism bodies, media and advertising agencies, NGOs, and charities.


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