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When you’ve got a blank space to fill, you’re surrounded by choice. Are you having trouble narrowing it down to just one print? Have you considered that the solution might be a pair? It can be hard to choose just one print with all the amazing options from our collection to choose from, so why not pick two and create an amazing gallery on your wall.

In this post we will show you how to pick the perfect pair and show you some curated examples of how sometimes two is better than one.  The secret to picking the perfect pair is working through a few different considerations. The size and shape of both prints will determine the end result but once you’ve decided on size and placement the hard part is over, now to the fun of deciding on the pair that’ll fill your walls with life.

Consider what theme you want to follow? Alpine or Coastal? Or maybe you’d prefer to choose them by colour, creating a contrast or choosing complimentary tones, either way we’ve showcased some examples along with some handy hints to picking the perfect pair. 

The prints we’ve chosen have been paired by location, contrast colours, neutral tones and some just to showcase the beautiful landscapes Australia has to offer. 

  • Choosing prints by location can be a thoughtful and meaningful way to remember a place or even a holiday with loved ones but it can be tricky trying to match colour and particular location. Our solution is don’t focus too much on colour, remembering that opposite colours attract, and focus on the choosing prints that remind you of a place to create a pair that really strikes the memory of that place.
  • A consideration when choosing a pair is whether to choose complimentary or contrast colours. Take into account that repetition of similar colours creates a striking effect as seen in some of the examples we’ve chosen. On the other hand, contrast in colour creates a dramatic and attention-grabbing feature. If you’re looking for a striking statement piece, a pair with a strong contrast in colour is unquestionably the best solution.
  • Is there a certain style you love? Maybe a certain time of year that you want reflected in your home all year round? Do you love that scandi- inspired or minimalist style and are trying to find prints that match? We have been loving these alpine prints which happily fit into all of these categories. Consider the negative space in the prints, these alpine shots are both a striking statement piece and also leave breathing room for other pieces in your home. If you love the snow or just want that minimalist style reflected in your home then these are perfect.