Forgotten Pub

Yatina Hotel, Yatina, South Australia, Australia

When I came across this abandoned hotel, I couldn't help but feel that this old pub had been totally forgotten. Built in 1874 when the town of Yatina was established, early hopes for the new establishment were disappointed in 1877 when a promised railway extension bypassed the town. The town of Yatina never grew to any significant size and today this building remains the last clear remaining example of what once was.

In photographing this historic building I wanted to convey the forgotten feeling of this pub left abandoned in rural South Australia. A modern sealed road out the front of the building and a small hut to the left, these elements distracted from the feeling I wanted to create in the final captured photo. I decided to overlay a photograph from the other side of the road. This resultant image is a composite photograph, an attempt by me to leave elements out of the scene, much as a painter does, to hopefully convey the true feeling I had when I came across this forgotten pub.


2012 | Silver Distinction award - NSW/ACT Epson AIPP Professional Photography Awards