Sunrise Magic

Sunrise Magic, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales, Australia

I woke up the morning of this photograph with little hope of even being able to see sunrise as it seemed the weather was so poor. The evening before a blizzard set in and the wind had been so strong that it was difficult to even stand upright and the visibility was essentially a white out. Throughout the night the wind seemed to ease very little. When I awoke in plenty of time before sunrise, I almost didn't venture outside as from what I could see and hear, things hadn't improved much. However, on venturing outside, despite the high winds there were breaks forming in the cloud. Huddled behind some rocks for protection, I waited for sunrise and soon enough the sun broke through over Kangaroo Ridge and Charlotte Pass. Witnessing stunning sunrises like this makes the effort of enduring the cold winter elements worthwhile in these harsh alpine environments.