Lighting The Flinders

Heyson Range and Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia, Australia

The Flinders Ranges National Park makes for an epic landscape. For a landscape photographer, the ranges themselves are a fascinating study in form and colour while the great red gums that line the creek beds and gorges are a testament to nature's survival. All this is alongside the edge of the great Australian outback and desert flats. I was keen to try and capture as many of these elements as I could in a single image. On this evening, as I endured the relentless buzz of flies, a vivid red sunset cast its light across the landscape before me. With a creek lined with red gums emerging on my left and the Heyson Range leading down to Wilpena Pound, I watched the sunset lighting the Flinders. It created a stunning scene that encapsulates so much of what makes the Flinders Ranges a special landscape.