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These boots were made for walking

Landscape photography often involves a lot of hiking. Taking a well learnt lesson from my time in the military, I'm well aware of of how important it is to take care of my feet. A comfortable pair of hiking boots is a must-have for someones spending a lot of time hiking to the best spots for photos. With plenty of time outdoors in winter and cooler temperatures, standing in mud or water, a good pair of boots can also help keep the feet warm and dry.

These well worn and loved Raichle (now Mammut) hiking boots are now over a decade old andpossibly not as sweet smelling as they were the day they were purchased! But, they still have the original laces and rubber soles - not a bad effort given everything I’ve thrown at them. They have stayed waterproof under waterfalls, given grip and support across rocks, snow and ice at the highest altitudes and even saved me from a snake bite in the Tasmanian wilderness. They've supported crazy adventures including multi night solo snow camping in the backcountry, experiencing the northern parts of sub-Siberian China in minus forty degrees, walking along the Great Wall of China in a minus twenty Beijing winter, ice climbing up the side of Australia’s highest mountains in winter, and taken me to the heights of the European Alps and the depths of Papua New Guinea jungles. They've also taken me to extremes of the red dust and over forty degree temperatures of central Australia and the outback. Of course, they've also prevented many a twisted ankle.

Without these boots,I wouldn’t have been able toget to the remote and sometimes precarious places Icapture many ofmyphotos.They have truly supported me to push the boundaries on my outdoor pursuits and photography, coming back safe and alive. But all good things must come to an end. I'll be forever thankful for these boots. They're a great example of when good design and production quality is focused on the end user - enabling people like me to enjoy their passion for the outdoors.