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December 08, 2011 1 min read

For the last few days I've been photographing Tasmania with Tasmanian Air Adventures, a new seaplane operation based out of Hobart. Simply put, what a truly remarkable way to see Tasmania from both the air, land and water. Over the week I was able to see this beautiful state from the most spectacular perspective possible. The Hobart waterfront provided us the perfect launchpad for a series of flights and photographic shoots over Hobart and beyond to the wilderness areas of Tasmania.

Here's a snapshot of some of the great locations we visited with their DHC-2 Beaver aircraft.

Frecyinet Peninsula from the air with Tasmanian Air Adventures

Tasmanian East Coast: Freycinet peninsula

Port Arthur Tasmania, with Tasmanian Air Adventures

Port Arthur: Former convict settlement on the Tasman Peninsula

Coles Bay, Frecyinet Peninsula, Tasmania

Park anywhere: The beautiful Coles Bay, Frecyinet Peninsula


Safire Frecyinet - the view flying overhead with Tasmanian Air Adventures

Safire Frecyinet: Flying overhead the luxury lodge at sunrise


Behind the scenes: Photographing from the backseat of a Top Gun Australia CJ6 Nanchang warbird