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September 25, 2011 2 min read

Sometimes capturing a great photograph is a lot harder, but more enjoyable, than an easier shot. My new release image ‘Orange row of trees’ was shot from the relative ease of the roadside. Sure, it was raining and I’d been driving around all morning in the rain and fog to try and find a great Autumn image – but images like that don’t really require a lot of planning or effort. They’re often more a matter of ‘right place, right time’. However, in contrast, capturing images like my new release ‘Glacial landscape’ is a bit different. This sunset image of Blue lake in Kosciuszko National Park was shot during winter, and while physically harder, it was a lot more fun than simply pulling the car over, getting out the camera gear and putting on a raincoat.

Blue Lake, especially due to access road closures during winter, is a relatively remote location in the middle of the highest and coldest part of Australia. Capturing a sunrise or sunset image of this area in winter requires camping out overnight (in this case with overnight temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius). This time round, getting there required an early start, a few hours driving, follwed by the ski tube and then clunky over snow transport to the start of the walking track. Then it was a matter of hiking out to Blue Lake, navigating over the snow covered Snowy River, and snow shoeing across some of Australia’s most spectacular alpine scenery. Once in location, it was then a matter of setting up camp and scouting the area, which included walking up some rather steep and icy slopes to locate the best view point, all while hoping that at sunset I’d be rewarded with some great light!

With temperatures rapidly falling below zero, the sun set and mother nature turned on some magic light over Blue Lake and it’s surrounding glacial landscape – scenes that many miss during the bright daylight hours.

So while it’s often a bit of an extra work, for me the experience of getting to some of these locations is well worth the effort and far more enjoyable. Plus, it’s a bonus to be able to bring back great images to share with others. What better way to spend winter? Instead of stuck behind a desk in an office – out and about amongst the elements!