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Photographing at sunrise and sunset

As many of you who follow my landscape photography know, I'm often up very early, walking or travelling out to a location in the pitch dark, with little guiding my way other than my dependable Black Diamond head torch and the feel of early morning spider webs brushing past. Equally I'm often out late, staying well after the sun has set to capture my photographs. Naturally I get asked why I go to these extremes when it would be a lot easier to simply take photos during the middle of the day.

In short, it's all about capturing the best light. Around the times of sunrise and sunset as the sun is low and the light is soft, many outdoor scenes simply look more impressive versus the harsh midday sun. Equally, in many of the less travelled and more 'wilderness' locations it's these times of day when the wildlife are more active and the area generally more peaceful and tranquil. Of course, if it's a popular tourist area, most people are not out, so no one is around to get in the shot either!

This video was captured at the beautful Orminston Gorge in the West MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia to explain my thoughts.