September 05, 2007

As part of this new blog, I’m hoping to share some of my thoughts and behind the scenes experiences around some of my Australian images.

The first image I’m going to look at is my image ‘Alpine sunrise’, featuring Mt Buffalo, The Razorback and Mt Feathertop, in the Alpine National Park, Victoria which I photographed this winter from near Mt Hotham.

It took me about five mornings in a row to finally capture this photograph. I knew I wanted to shoot sunrise over the Razorback from this location, but each morning after driving up Mt Hotham and then walking out in the dark, right on sunrise the fog would roll in from behind me and obscure this view. Finally on this morning, the fog held off just long enough to give me this scene at sunrise as the first light hit the peak of Mt Feathertop and Mt Buffalo in the background. Not long after I took this, the fog again rolled in, blocking this view. With the local conditions having tested my patience on the mornings prior I was very happy to walk away with a winter photo that highlights many of the memorable landmarks I love in north-eastern Victoria.

Even more special was that I got to share this experience with my mother, who came out with me each morning to experience an alpine sunrise. It’s opportunities like this, sharing the outdoors with someone special, that really makes my photography all worthwhile.

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