I am regularly asked many questions about my photography, my business and my views as a landscape photographer on the somewhat broad issue of the environment — an issue I am passionate about. To try and help answer some of these questions, as well as attempt to articulate my thoughts on some of these issues, I have compressed some of my answers to these most frequent questions for you  below. Hopefully these comments provide some answers to what you would like to know more about and gives you further insight into how I think about everything from photography to the world we all share.

Many thanks for reading.

I photograph both mother nature as well as man’s built environment. I’m always in awe at both, in terms of what exists naturally and what mankind has achieved. I respect both. With a deep empathy for the natural world, it is however my hope that my wilderness landscape images convey in part what I feel very strongly about: that we need to preserve the few wild, untouched places remaining in the world and protect our precious wildlife and natural resources. Sustainability and protecting what we have left are ever growing challenges in an increasingly industrialised and urbanised world. I hope my images help people recognise what we still have left and that it is worth protecting and preserving.

I don't consider myself a 'greenie', but you don’t have to travel to far to see humankind’s detrimental impact on the environment. With an ever growing global population and the concurrent larger scale of modern industrial projects, we are placing ever-greater pressures on the natural living planet and it’s ability to support life, both ours and the rest of global ecosystem. Yet despite this, we continue to destroy and pollute much of world’s air, land and water – all of which we depend on deeply for our own existence. It just doesn’t make sustainable sense to keep on destroying much of what is left, in a world that is ultimately a finite resource.

I’m lucky to have travelled to over 30 countries and to have witnessed some spectacular scenes of nature, while also seeing first hand the human impact on the world we live in. I am however acutely aware that not everyone gets to experience so much of the world during their lifetime. This is why I believe conservation photography can play such an important role in helping us all understand better the connectedness we all have to the world we live in and the need to protect and preserve what we have left.

Going forward on what is now my photography journey, it is my hope that I can use my camera to help promote conservation outcomes. I want to capture photos that help evoke an emotional response in people, raising awareness of the need to preserve our precious environment. I hope people can in turn come to appreciate how undeniably precious many locations are and the need to protect them for the future generations. Moreover I hope to generate greater understanding of the deep connectedness we all have to the natural world – not the highly created industrialised world many now live in, disconnected from what truly sustains us a human race and global environment – the air we breath, water we drink and land on which we live.

I believe we can all help make a positive difference to the world we live in, and while I’m no corporate multinational I still believe in trying to make a difference and believe in ‘putting my money where my mouth is’. In early 2011 I was pleased to announce an exciting new ‘Plant-a-Tree’ Partnership with Trees for the Future. Under this partnership I committed to plant a tree, for every limited edition print or product sold. Additionally, I have also committed to plant a tree for every new fan of the Scott Leggo Facebook page and followers of Scott Leggo on Twitter. It is my hope that this and future initiatives, combined with my efforts to bring conservation into focus can help make a small but positive impact to the world we all live in and bring about positive change.