Earlier this month I spent a week in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. As my first visit to this World Heritage listed National Park, it was an awesome experience.

Kakadu National Park is a truly timeless place and global treasure. It is an enormous, biodiverse nature preserve in Australia’s Northern Territory, World Heritage listed for both its environment and living Aboriginal culture. I wanted to convey as much of the true feeling of this place as I could through my photographs. It's often hard to encapsulate a place in a single photograph, but this image captures so much of what Kakadu represented for me on this week long journey. Within this photograph there is a billabong, stunning escarpment dropping off to the savannah woodlands below, gum trees home to an abundance of birdlife, and a stunning rocky outcrop which contains Aboriginal rock art galleries. To top it all off, this scene before me was set off by the stunning light that this region is known for at sunrise and sunset, made all the more impressive by the smoke from seasonal burn-offs. This image perfectly conveys much of what I loved about Kakadu on this trip and I hope you can feel some of this special place through this image.

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