January 16, 2017

The older I get and the more time I spend outdoors, I increasingly recognise the rewards that come from moments of connection between us and nature. As studies increasingly show, there are great psychological benefits of exposure to wilderness - feeling the crunch of rocks beneath ones feet or the smell of gum leaves. Nature contributes to the human experience when we get outdoors in the elements. I was acutely reminded of this over the last two weeks, spending time photographing in wilderness areas of Tasmania.

I've spent the beginning of 2017 experiencing the raw beauty that is Tasmania, and exploring the rugged west coast region for the first time. In this region you find world famous wilderness rich in convict heritage, stunning national parks and historic mining towns. A gateway to Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area, its rugged mountains, ancient rain forests and heath make Tasmania's west one of Australia's last true wilderness frontiers. Yet, despite its remoteness, its easy to visit and experience a reconnection to nature away from the hustle of city life. After a few weeks here, it's hard not to challenge conventional wisdom, think about leading a simpler and more examined life, and making a living without destroying the wild and beautiful parts of the planet that still remain.

Below are few photograph highlights from these last few weeks while reconnecting with nature in Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake Tasmania

'Classic Cradle'

I was up early to capture sunrise over Cradle Mountain but as is often the case, the summit was shrouded in fog. As the sun rose the fog ebbed and flowed around the mountain and finally, I was presented with this moving scene. Rain and stormy weather followed for the rest of the day ensuring this was the only glimpse of the stunning mountain on this occasion.

Lake St Clair Tasmania

Surrounded by mountain peaks, the early morning fog lingered above Australia's deepest lake, Lake St Clair. As the fog lifted from the waters edge it revealed the pristine wilderness in the distance. With nothing but this breathtaking world heritage environment around me I felt like I was alone in another world.


Rock Of The Tarkine - Arthur Pieman Coast Tasmania
When you meet the rugged, wind swept Tarkine coastline you begin to appreciate the beauty and power of a relatively untouched landscape. The Tarkine coastline is not only breathtaking, but the expansive ocean beaches and huge surf create a powerful backdrop for the Tarkine rainforest which borders the coast.


Serenity - Macquarie Harbour Tasmania

With nothing but the sound of nearby birds and beautiful reflections in the calm Macquarie Harbour, capturing this photo was a true moment of serenity.


 Gordon River reflections

The Gordon River provided beautiful reflections as we navigated the calm waters of one of the world's last great untouched wilderness areas.

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