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May 28, 2019 1 min read

Recently the 10th Actsmart Business Sustainability Awards were held in Canberra. Each year the Business Sustainability Awards recognise those organisations that make an outstanding contribution to sustainability across Canberra and the broader ACT. The Awards celebrate better waste management and recycling, more efficient use of water and energy, and projects in which exemplary sustainability practices have been observed.

This year I was honoured to be awarded the Minister’s Award for leadership as part of the annual Business Sustainability Awards in the ACT. The Minister’s Award for leadership (Minister for climate change and sustainability) is awarded to an individual for outstanding leadership and contribution to sustainability across Canberra and the broader ACT. It recognises an individual dedicated to positive change and making their businesses more sustainable.

I am a strong believer that businesses, no matter their size, can make impactful changes that minimise our impact on the planet. Since establishing my photography business in Canberra over a decade ago, I have placed environmental and sustainability issues at the heart of the business. It’s great to receive recognition for the legacy we’re creating for our business around sustainability. After more than a decade of advocacy and promotion in Canberra and beyond to other businesses and the community at large, we’ll continue to set a positive example about what can be achieved.

I also very proud that the Scott Leggo Gallery won the Energy and Water Star Award from our upgrades to lights, heating system and air conditioning unit. I hope that this can help inspire businesses and show that small changes have a big impact!