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Choosing a photo - staff favourites

Can't choose a photo from my collection. Need a little help? I recently asked the team what their favourite photos from my collection are. Here's their responses. It seems some couldn't narrow it down to just one choice!

JULIA: 'After The Storm'

"Being asked to choose my favourite photograph is like being asked which is your favourite child!"

"The one photograph that I am drawn to again and again because it is currently hanging in the gallery in Kingston is ‘After The Storm’. It shows the peace after the chaos of a winter storm on a grove of snow gums. I spent 11 winter seasons in the Kosciuszko National Park at Charlotte Pass Resort and it is an incredibly beautiful part of the country. I have seen it first hand, so it brings back many happy memories for me. There is nothing like the quiet that greets you the morning after a blizzard. The wind has created great banks and waves and there is so much untouched snow. It is uniquely Australian to be able to see gum leaves covered in snow and icicles and there is nothing quite like the musical sound of the leaves tinkling together in the breeze."

After The Storm - Snow photo by Scott Leggo

After The Storm - Snow Gums, Mount Hotham, Victoria

"It would be easier to tell you what I LOVE about each of Scott’s photos because there is something beautiful to discover in every single one. I love the colours of the Canberra mornings he has captured, the gorgeous alpine sunrises, the peaceful tropical waterfalls, the stunning outback environment to the other extreme of his amazing aviation collection and the cityscapes and suburbia… I could go on and on. I am lucky to be able to spend my day in the gallery looking at all the beautiful moments Scott has captured."


SIOBHAN: 'Morning Fog' and 'Sounds Of The Ovens'

“This photograph is my all time favourite in the collection. It perfectly encapsulates those foggy autumn Canberra mornings. The soft warm glow from the early morning sun hitting the Carillon mixed with the layer of fog just lifting off the water creates a stunning painterly quality. The rippled reflection of the Carillon in the water and the soft rosiness of the sky contrasted against the autumn trees that surround the isolated carillon all build on that beautiful painterly aspect of the photograph. Having seen the Carillon many times this photograph really brings it to life and makes it feel like its in an impressionist painting. There is a feeling of stillness that I love about this photograph. You can feel the chilly Canberra breeze with the warm early morning sun hitting you.”

Morning Fog - Canberra photo by Scott Leggo

Morning Fog - Carillon, Canberra

"Sounds Of The Ovens is one of my favourite photographs in the collection. The subtly of this photograph is what makes me gravitate towards it. The subdued and soft colours that break through that layer of fog give you a real feeling of calm and stillness. The filtered light creates a soft glow and highlights the details in some of the trees that all draw you in closer. This photograph has a beautiful painterly quality and really reflects the softer side of the Australian landscape. This photograph creates a feeling of quietness and there’s a very romantic quality to it. For me it feels like a deep breath that sometimes you just can’t get from the city."

Sounds Of The Ovens - landscape photograph by Scott Leggo

Sounds Of The Ovens - Ovens River, Vicotria


ALYSSA: 'Alpine Waters' and 'Razorback Ridge'

"New Zealand is known for its incredible landscape and stunning rivers, this image to me really reflects the tranquillity and peaceful nature of new Zealand and brings me back to road trips and holidays. Although I grew up in Australia I have always called New Zealand my home and through this image, I feel connected to where I was born and where my family still lives. The cool aqua tones create an overwhelming feeling of calm and peace and shows off the stunning colours and clarity of New Zealand water which is unlike anything I have seen in Australia to date, the stark contrast between Australian and New Zealand landscape allows you to feel a sense of escape and wanderlust when looking at this image."

Alpine Waters - Routeburn River, New Zealand

Alpine Waters - Routeburn River, New Zealand

“In contrast, Razorback ridge invites you in with warm earthy tones, the road leading your eye down a path well travelled but still has an overwhelming sense of seclusion. The Australian landscape is like no other offering rich deep colours and Australian native plants. This image to me brings a sense travel and adventure and inspires me to travel and explore more of Australia’s striking landscapes.”

Razorback Ridge - Flinders Ranges photo by Scott Leggo

Razorback Ridge - Flinders Ranges, South Australia


PHILLIPA: 'Layers' and 'Island Getaway'

"It is so difficult to select just one of Scott’s prints as a favourite. I have a top five – well actually top ten. Layers is in my top five. It’s a relaxing photograph that takes me away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether in a small desk block or large framed print the colours pop and detail is exceptional. It has a calm and relaxing feel. I like the balance and composition too."

"I’ve been to Tasmania and also Mt Field National Park so the photo resonates with me moreso in this regard. Tasmania is beautiful state and must see for all Australians and tourists. These waterfalls are easy accessible and well photographed however Scott always manages to find a unique angle and composition."

Layers - Waterfall photograph by Scott Leggo

Layers - Russell Falls, Tasmania

"I love beach holidays and this photo and other beach shots in Scott’s collection remind me of special memories. From Nobbies beach in Newcastle where I learnt to surf (and one of our first dates), Four Mile Sunrise in Port Douglas with family holidays and Rottnett Island (Island Getaway) - awesome holidays and fun cycling around the island and watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Only in WA. The colours in Island Getaway are bright, bold and stunning. It’s a gorgeous photograph and has so much detail, not just the colour but the sand, the water, lighthouse etc. It looks so much better in person and big."

Island Getaway - Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Island Getaway - Rottnest Island, Western Australia