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How art can help brighten your day - the influence of colours on your mood

Different types of art on your wall can have a significant influence on how you feel, with the power to alter your mood and potentially help to brighten your day. In line with this, certain colours affect us in different ways and when selecting a print it's important to consider the dominant colours you are selecting and whether that is appropriate for your space or the 'feel' you are seeking. Here's our top tips when considering colour in your wall art choices.

Colour can be powerful. Don’t be afraid to add colour through your wall art as it is a great way to change the mood and feel of the space. There are no 'rules' when it comes to selecting a dominant colour in your photographic print and everyone has different preferences when it comes to colour.

Combining colours. Wall art that combines strong colours can also help to balance the mood of an image. So if your favourite colour is red and you want it in your bedroom finding an image that incorporates other colours such as green and blue will help to evoke different feelings and emotions.

Warm vs Cool. Choose an artwork in warm colours for a vibrant, energising effect. Go cool with greens or blues for a calming space. Cool colours and a photo featuring grass or water can work well in a yoga studio or dental practice, making the place feel tranquil.

Reds and Oranges. A photo with vibrant reds and oranges traditionally are best suited in places where you are the most creative or want to feel energised and confident. A good place to use these colours in your home would be in a study/home office or kitchen.

Wall art colours - reds and oranges

Blue. Photographs with blue are often associated with peace, tranquillity and calm which makes them ideal in a bedroom setting. In saying this light blues and deep blues can have different effects on your mood. Deeper blues tend to be associated with efficiency and decision making which makes them perfect in a study or office. 

Yellow. Another great colour to use in an office or study is yellow as this colour is not only associated with happiness but also increasing focus, clarity and enhancing intelligence.

Wall art colours - yellow

Shades. Another thing to consider when selecting colour in your art is the shade in which the colour appears, more pastel hues will again change how you view and interpret the image and can create a softer more calming feeling. Light pinks and purples are associated with being soothing, gentle, comfortable and can help give you a fresh perspective.

Match or contrast. Art doesn’t have to match your lounge or furniture, but your art will always look better when the furniture and decor support the piece. Repeat a colour from the artwork elsewhere in the room to increase the impact. Remember, especially in a new house, you don’t have to select furniture or paint first. If you find a photograph you love, start with this as the hero wall art piece and work with that as a starting point to match or contrast.

Wall Art colour choices - Green

It's your choice. Colour can be used as a great way to not only show off a space and create a focal point but also as a way to put your personality and energy into a space. So when looking for your perfect wall art print make sure it is something that resonates and speaks to you. At the end of the day, the right photograph regardless of the colours will change and influence your mood for the better.