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Scott Leggo

Scott Leggo’s background is as diverse as his images of the Australian landscape. Scott is highly regarded as a trusted business advisor, having worked with some of the world’s premium management consulting firms. He is a former Australian diplomat and military Officer, and has seen wartime service overseas. An experienced leader and manager with more than 20 years experience spanning defence, aerospace, foreign relations, international trade and business, he has travelled extensively both in Australia and internationally. Possessing a love of the outdoors and a spirit of adventure, Scott has always enjoyed spending time exploring the great Australian outdoors. Through his travel and experiences he has become a passionate advocate for living life, more sustainable living and the contribution individuals and businesses can all make to a better world.

A passionate outdoorsman, Scott has spent the last decade directing this enthusiasm towards building his Australian landscape photography collection. He has brought the discipline, attention to detail, meticulous planning and overseas experience gained during his previous careers to his photography. Scott travels extensively, driven by a love of adventure of getting to special locations to photograph scenes in stunning light and sharing the beauty of nature with others. Scott’s photographs are often the result of his patient pursuit to capture unique scenes and moments that sustain his love of wilderness. Whether it be camped out in remote locations enduring the depths of a winter snow storm or in the thick of a tropical rainforest, Scott always looks to immerse himself in the environment he photographs. In turn Scott captures the true heart and soul of a location, evident in all his images.

Scott is recognised as one of Australia’s leading wilderness and landscape photographers. His premier photographic skills have been recognised by his peers, having received over 100 Australian and international awards. In 2012 Scott was awarded the coveted title of ‘Master of Photography’ by the prestigious Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). He was awarded the 2011 Epson ACT Professional Photographer of the Year and was a finalist in the 2011 International Loupe Awards. Scott’s eye for detail and ability to create works of art by capturing the mood of a location are all elements of his multi award winning formula. Scott’s photographs have been published widely, both in Australia and overseas, in leading magazines, newspapers, calendars and other publications with Scott and his images also featuring on prime time television programs. Scott’s Australian landscape photographs help share people’s love of the outdoors and have brought attention to environmental issues and helped education and conservation efforts in this regard.

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With a lifelong interest and involvement in various aspects of international civil and military aviation, Scott has concurrently directed this enthusiasm to aviation photography. The result is photographs that capture the fun, energy and excitement that is flying. Scott is a member of the International Society of Aviation Photographers (ISAP).

Some of Scott’s best images are featured in his online print collection, available for purchase as premium quality photographic prints. These prints are highly sought after by individuals, businesses and collectors alike looking to share in Scott’s portrayal of the Australian environment. Scott photographs now grace the walls of homes and commercial spaces the world over, transforming the feeling of many a public and private space.